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Start working on a healthier YOU, from the inside out!

Shop supplements, but before you do... be sure to take the free assessment to find out which supplements are best for you!

My go-to tools & products for staying happy, healthy, fit & strong!

Please set up your class day/time with your trainer before purchasing your class pass. To find out about this and all other services, set up your complimentary

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My health & fitness toolbox: 

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All recommended products and supplements below are all items that I have personally used and have experience with. How it benefited me, may not be the same that it benefits you. Please consult your doctor or trusted healthcare professional before starting any new supplements. 


Helps to relieve muscular and joint pain of all kinds.

Magnesium Spray


Helps to relieve joint and muscular soreness, headaches, and promotes restful sleep. 

Epsom Salt Bath Soak


Helps to restore magnesium levels, relaxes and restores the body, eases muscles pain and stiffness,  and promotes restful sleep.

Lacrosse Ball for massage


Helps to break down knots in muscles, great for trigger point release, relieves tightness and tension. 

Grounding Mat


Stay mentally and physically grounded, reduce anxiety, improve sleep.

Benefits may include:

  • Improvements in heart health.

  • Faster muscle recovery.

  • Aids in relieving winter blues symptoms.

  • Better sleep.

  • Increased immune health.

Foot Detox Pads


Remove toxins while you sleep. 

Pre & Probiotic


Prebiotics & probiotics for daily help with gut balancing.

Vitamin C


Prebiotics & probiotics for daily help with gut balancing.

Dandy Blend Coffee Alternative


Need a break from caffeine? You'll get all the same rich, smooth, full-bodied taste and all the natural goodness!

Hydrate - Electrolytes


15 pack - available in 4 flavors.


Electrolytes and antioxidants to fuel the body.

Plant Based Vanilla Protein

Vegan Protein Shake.png

15 serving bag


Natural source of protein with added servings of fruit, vegetables, and fiber.

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