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Trend Fitness LLC ran its first outdoor bootcamps, led by Melody Moe, in June of 2015, and with a team of instructors began running a variety of classes with an expanded schedule at their indoor facility from August of 2015 - June of 2020. The year 2020 brought some challenges and changes to Trend Fitness as a business and to the entire fitness world with new regulations going into effect due to the worldwide pandemic. In August 2020 Trend Fitness closed its doors to its physical location and transitioned to offering only LIVE online classes, On Demand workouts, in home and online personal training, in home partner and small group training, and monthly meetups. Melody Moe, owner, instructor, and personal trainer instructor, has over 18 years of experience in the fitness industry.  She is very passionate about helping others make fitness and healthy eating a part of their lifestyle, and offering it to others in a way where they feel comfortable. The goal of Trend Fitness is not just for you to get a workout in, but also to learn to feel better and more confident about yourself, it's a place to make connections, it's a place to become a stronger person both physically and mentally, it's a place that will offer you encouragement to keep going! 

Melody has been involved in the fitness industry in community of Watertown, WI for over a decade as a certified group fitness instructor and certified personal trainer. She grew up being involved in every sport she could, and took her love of sports to college where she competed as a collegiate athlete in soccer. She has completed a 1/2 marathon, a sprint triathlon, multiple 5K's, and adventure runs. She loves the outdoors and staying active with her family in every possible way. Some of her favorites ways to stay active, besides chasing after her kids, include running, biking, hiking, and strength training. 

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